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NEWS Last modified on October 17, 2013

Brisbane Airport starts 'China Strategy' to improve engagement with growing market

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has developed a ‘China Strategy’ to better engage with the growing visitor market.

BAC has designed the initiative at Brisbane Airport to provide assistance to Chinese-speaking travellers and help airport staff to better engage with travellers.


As part of the strategy a Chinese liaison officer has been appointed and Chinese cultural and customer service training will be offered to BNE International Terminal retail staff.


Andrew Brodie, general manager airline and commercial businesses BAC, says it was vital for BAC to devise an ‘over-arching’ strategy for the Chinese market.


"BAC and our partners and retailers are committed to providing our Chinese visitors with a highly personalised level of service to ensure their trip through BNE is enjoyable and memorable, so we're looking at initiatives we can introduce to achieve this.


"Visitors from China are BNE's fastest growing market and we expect this growth to continue,” Brodie says.


Airlines are increasing frequency and capacity over the coming months at Brisbane Airport to accommodate future demand.


Over the past two years BAC has recruited a Chinese liaison officer to work in the BNE terminal for a one month period over Chinese New Year.


But as part of the strategy, Mandarin Chinese speaking officer Sam Huang, who started his role on September 23, will work until February 28, 2014, covering peak Chinese travel times.

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