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NEWS Last modified on October 17, 2013

Fujitsu to work on Gatwick Airport's new 'cloud' communication set-up

London Gatwick Airport has announced Fujitsu will work with Xchanging and Cisco on its new cloud-based communication infrastructure.

Airport World revealed last week how the UK’s second largest airport was to adopt the technology, which will include rolling out 70 ‘cloud’ based baggage drop kiosks over the next year.


Xchanging, the existing telephony service provider, will partner with Fujitsu and Cisco to provide collaboration services as part of a five-year contract.


These will include voice, video, instant messaging and presence to 1,100 of Gatwick’s staff initially, before services will be extended to all 2,500 end users and the airport’s commercial customers.


The rollout began last month and is based on Fujitsu’s Cloud Connect Collaborate solution (CCC).


Chief supporting officer, Michael Ibbitson, says: “This is a crucial investment for Gatwick, as we focus heavily on making Gatwick the airport of choice, not only in London, but in Europe.”

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