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NEWS Last modified on October 18, 2013

Delegation from Japan think-tank visits London Southend Airport

A Japanese delegation has been spending time at London Southend Airport to understand how to successfully operate a commercial airport.

Delegates from the Nomura Research Institute, a leading think-tank and systems operator in Japan, have been on a fact finding mission.


They are in the UK on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism after a law was passed in Japan enabling the privatisation of the country’s state-owned airports.


The think-tank felt the UK experience would be most valuable in informing decisions around future operators for airports in Japan.


Shingo Mochimaru, from the Nomura Research Institute, says: “It has been incredibly instructive for us to hear all about how a private and public partnership can work so successfully, and I know that the story of London Southend Airport will give a great deal of confidence and encouragement to our authorities back home in Japan as they embark on their ambitious development.”


More than £120 million of private sector investment has been injected into London Southend by the Stobart Group since acquiring it in 2008.


New facilities include a train station, an air traffic control tower, terminal building, runway extension and a £10 million extension to the terminal is now underway.


London Southend airport operations director, David Lister, says: “We were very pleased to welcome the group from the Nomura Research Institute and share our experiences and ideas with them.”

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