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NEWS Last modified on October 18, 2013

Digital upgrades made to terminal facilities at Boston Logan International

Boston Logan International Airport has gone digital to improve customer service.

Travellers now have access to real-time information on signage and way finding as part of the technology upgrade project by airport operator Massport.


They can also access ground transportation options with countdown information, while newly designed terminal maps are being displayed on digital signs in terminals.


Flat-screen digital signs in Terminal B and C arrivals area, the new rental car centre and 27 curbside countdown signs for ground transportation have also been installed.


In the next two years, flat-screen digital signs will also be put up in the new Terminal B connector, Terminal E on the arrivals and departure level and where arriving international passengers go to connect to domestic flights.


Flat screens will also be installed at all 20 baggage claim locations throughout the airport.


Next year passport control desks in Terminal E will be also be introduced to help speed up the time it takes passengers to get through US Customs.


Massport CEO, Thomas Glynn, says: “Giving passengers current information on their location and their wait time for ground transportation will allow for our customers to make informed choices.”


Last year, Boston Logan International Airport handled 29.3 million passengers.

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