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NEWS Last modified on October 21, 2013

Paris-Orly awarded management system certificate by auditor

Paris-Orly Airport has been awarded an Integrated Management System (IMS) certificate by an independent auditor.

Chairman and CEO, Augustin de Romanet, will receive it from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LQRA) tomorrow, three years after it was assessed.


The IMS is a new approach to any issues at Aéroports de Paris, allowing it to manage risks and legal and regulatory requirements affecting all airport activities.


The system is focused on continuous improvement with all standards of efficiency reviewed and updated at the same time with development of action plans to improve quality.


Paris-Orly Airport director, Franck Mereyde, says: “This certification has enabled us to ensure that the control of our airport implemented the best international standards in the context of a voluntary approach.


“This certification confirms a long process of development , which aims to disseminate best practices and, ultimately, improve the satisfaction of all our customers."


The system combines the requirements of different standards in place at Paris-Orly Airport.


Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport has been certified in the IMS since May 2008.

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