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NEWS Last modified on October 23, 2013

Brisbane Airport to host 4-day contemporary art festival

A giant scrabble artwork and 3.5 metre trike made from recycled car bonnets will form part of a contemporary art festival at Brisbane Airport.

The airport’s outdoor Skygate area will play host to the Art with Altitude Festival from tomorrow until Sunday.


Other art on display will include Jay Irving’s five metre high bamboo ‘boo machine’, Adriaan Vanderlugt's Fish Scales and David McGuinness' Fossil Fuel.


But the highlight is set to be Emma Anna’s interactive giant scrabble tile, which invites people to complete the work by standing in the place of the missing 'I'.


Renaye Peters, general manager of Brisbane Airport Corporation’s property division, says: "Children can explore the amazing outdoor sculptures, watch art come to life at our theatre performances, and then become an artist at our art workshops.


"The completely free children's entertainment program makes art accessible to young families and provides a great family day out in Brisbane.”


Entertainment being put on include artist Leonie Rhode’s Stratospherical workshop where children learn to make their own mini plasticine person.


And Queensland Theatre Company will run daily performances of The Lost Property Rules by Matthew Ryan and the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra will put on an interactive kids concert.

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