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NEWS Last modified on October 24, 2013

Frankfurt Airport given highest ranking for customer satisfaction

Frankfurt Airport has been awarded a gold ranking in a survey for the standard of customer satisfaction it provides its passengers.

The Germany Service Champions, the country’s largest such survey is run by ServiceValue in conjunction with Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Die Welt newspaper.

Fraport’s (FRA) gold ranking was given for its ‘Great to Have You Here’ Quality Service Programme and is the highest given out by survey assessors among Germany’s major airports.

Thomas Kirner, FRA’s head of service quality, says: “Fraport’s commitment includes the Great to Have You Here quality service program, which we launched several years ago to make departing and transferring at Frankfurt Airport faster and more comfortable.

“This has been positively received by our passengers.”

New customer service offerings include new relaxation zones for adults, smoking lounges and spacious playgrounds for children.

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