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NEWS Last modified on October 24, 2013

Aéroports de Paris appoint Patrick Jeantet as new deputy CEO

The board of directors at Aéroports de Paris have appointed Patrick Jeantet as their new deputy CEO.

His appointment was proposed by chairman and CEO Augustin de Romanet, which was accepted by the board and he will start on January 6.


Since February 2011, Jeantet has been deputy CEO of France of Keolis, helping the group strengthen its position in the public transportation landscape in France.


Between 2005 and 2011, the 53-year-old was executive director, then executive vice president of International of Keolis.


Jeantet's wealth of experience has also seen him work in roles in Asia in the Philipines, the UK and across different parts of Africa.


He joins the executive committee of Aéroports de Paris.


Chairman and CEO, Romanet, says: “I am looking forward to the arrival of Patrick Jeantet in our group.


"His experience built in France and abroad in the management of services, infrastructure and engineering will be a precious asset for the development of Aéroports de Paris.”

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