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NEWS Last modified on October 29, 2013

New art exhibition at London Luton Airport

Artist Anne-Marie Stijelja is showcasing her work once again in an art exhibition at London Luton Airport.

Bedfordshire based Anne-Marie showed off her talents at the Gateway Gallery in August 2012, but has come back with a new body of work.

Her mosaic pieces are created from recycled stamps, and was one of five winners of a competition offering talented artists the opportunity to display inspirational artwork in the airport’s gallery.

Anne-Marie, says: “The dominant theme of my stamp-art collection for this exhibition is centred around personal experience, objects and places that have particular significance to me.

“As I child I was fascinated by stamps, collecting a mini art gallery of colourful images that reflected the diverse nature of the world we live in and the peoples and cultures and events that contribute to its rich tapestry.

“This interest continues to awe and inspire me as well as providing infinite possibilities of pattern and colour to enrich my own work, while simultaneously paying homage to the work of the countless artists and designers who created or contributed to the original pieces.”

Her works will be on sale to passengers, airport staff and airline partners.

The exhibition is being delivered in partnership with Luton Culture, and is located in the main terminal building adjacent to the Onward Travel Centre.

London Luton saw 9.6 million passengers pass through the gates in 2012.

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