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NEWS Last modified on October 31, 2013

Canned art exhibit at Washington National Airport to help feed the hungry

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is hosting a ‘Canstraction’ exhibit from November 2-9 to help feed the hungry.

The art display will be held from Saturday in the baggage claim level Terminals B/C and feature larger-than-life structures made entirely out of canned goods, designed by local architectural and engineering firms.

Teams participating are challenged to build interesting and inventive structures using only canned foods.

Each group will have seven hours beginning on Friday at 5pm to create their giant-sized structures, which will then be on display for passengers travelling through the airport.

After the display the canned goods used to build the displays will be donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

The exhibit will be open to travellers from November 2 and to the public on November 9.

‘Canstruction’ exhibits are held around the US each year to help feed the hungry and have raised more than £2 million of food for food banks.

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