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NEWS Last modified on November 1, 2013

Free Wi-Fi and trolleys introduced at Cardiff Airport

Free Wi-Fi and trolleys are being offered at Cardiff Airport for all travellers from today as part of a programme to enhance passenger experience.

After listening to passenger feedback the airport has switched from a pay by the hour Wi-Fi service, to one which gives 30 minutes free surfing a day.

Travellers can also use a new lower tariff after they have used the free 30 minutes.

Luggage trolley charges have also been removed and are now free as opposed to the previous £2 tariff.

Travellers have to use a £1 coin to get the trolley, which is then refunded when the trolley is returned.

Jon Horne, chief executive of Cardiff Airport, says: “Delivering these benefits is part of our strategy of improving the service offered to our passengers.

“We have listened to what they have said to us and also looked at what is being offered by our competitors. 

“In the case of Wi-Fi we have created a comparable offer, but in respect of trolleys, we have moved away from charging, which is commonplace in many airports today.”

The free Wi-Fi service and trolley provision are available to passengers and can be accessed in all areas of the airport.

Passenger numbers at Cardiff have grown 8% reaching 132,866 in September, compared to the same month in 2012.

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