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NEWS Last modified on November 4, 2013

SITA survey finds passengers at São Paulo want mobile services

A global survey by air transport IT provider SITA has found passengers at GRU Airport in São Paulo want mobile services.

The findings were found in the eighth annual SITA/ATW Passenger IT Trends Survey and revealed at the ACI-LAC 22nd Assembly in Montevideo, Uruguay today.

SITA says travellers have a strong desire to use their mobile phone for check-in, boarding and throughout their journey.

And it indicates, as smartphone penetration increases passengers will expect these services from airlines and airports.

Currently, fewer passengers at the Brazilian airport carry smartphones than those at other airports in the global survey.

Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann, chief Information officer, at GRU Airport, says: “SITA’s survey highlights how passengers at our airport are willing to use technology throughout their journey.

“Our current investment program supports this desire.

“For example, we are installing around 100 common-use kiosks which can be used by all our passengers travelling anywhere with any airline. So we expect to see the usage figures for our new kiosks rising in the coming months.

“In addition, as smartphone ownership increases across Brazil, and among all our international passengers, we will look to provide innovative new mobile services to meet passenger expectations.”

Only 53% of those surveyed at GRU have smartphones, which is well below the global average of 76%.

And 78% of passengers say they would definitely use their mobile for boarding passes, compared to the global figure of 43%.

While 81%, would also use their mobiles for flight searches, above the global average of 63%, which SITA says demonstrates the expectation passengers have as they adopt smartphones.

Mauro Pontes, SITA vice president, Brazil, speaking at the ACI-LAC Assembly, says: “Smartphone technology, has the unique ability to offer passengers a seamless travel experience. By using localization and personalization airlines and airports can provide much more personalized and intuitive services – at the right time and stage of the journey.”

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