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NEWS Last modified on November 4, 2013

Survey finds 800,000 passengers used UK airports for Olympic-related journeys

More than 800,000 passengers used London’s airports for Olympic Games related journeys, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has revealed.

The CAA published the results of its 2012 passenger survey today, which assessed the impact that London 2012 had on UK airports.

Despite the number for Olympics-related journeys, overall passenger numbers between July and September in 2012 fell compared to the same period in 2011.

And the CAA says 54% of these 800,000 journeys were to London Heathrow, with the next highest proportion Gatwick Airport with 18%.

Of these 71% were for leisure with travellers heading to enjoy the Olympic experience, and 29% were for business purposes, including many for the 10,000 athletes who participated.

The 2012 survey questioned more than 210,000 departing passengers at five London airports; City, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted along with Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands, Bristol, Cardiff, and Exeter.

Other findings of the passenger study was Heathrow is the only airport in 2012 where the majority of passengers were foreign residents (59%) while Exeter had the lowest with 9%.

And it found London City had the highest proportion of trips for business, with 54% using it for business purposes, while the highest for leisure usage was East Midlands with 91%.

Iain Osborne, group director of regulatory policy at the CAA, says: “Last year’s Olympics put London and the UK in the spotlight and today’s survey results show the impact the Games had on passenger numbers at our airports.”

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