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NEWS Last modified on November 5, 2013

Ca'puccino and WHSmith to open joint store at Heathrow's Terminal 2

Ca’puccino and WHSmith will join forces to bring a new ‘hybrid experience’ concept to passengers at London Heathrow’s new Terminal 2.

Set to open in June 2014, the new space will combine the finest Italian coffee with a selection of international newspapers, glossy magazines and prestigious coffee table books.

The Terminal 2: Queen’s Terminal store will also feature an airport first - a ‘wall of Vogue’ displaying editions of the fashion magazine from all over the world countries worldwide.

The menu will be founded in Italian cuisine with a selection of seasonal sandwiches and pastries.

This brand new store concept is a first for Heathrow who has challenged retailers bidding for Terminal 2 space to offer innovate concepts to travellers.

The design challenges the traditional structure of commercial airport venues and allows passengers to make the most of their time before they fly.

Sofia Dimen, chief operating officer at Ca’puccino says: "This new opening in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 fits perfectly in our global growth strategy and heralds the entrance of Ca’puccino in a brand new segment.

"We are thrilled to be embarking on this venture with such a strong and established partner, such as WHSmith. We hope this will be the first of many future successful collaborations."


Terminal 2, due to open on June 4, 2014, is the latest phase of the ten-year, £11bn transformation at Heathrow.

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