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NEWS Last modified on November 8, 2013

Huge September traffic growth at Malaysia Airports

Malaysia Airports (MAHB) recorded growth of 26% in passenger movements for September, compared to the same period in 2012.

More than 6.71 million travellers passed through the departure and arrivals gates during the month.


The number of domestic passengers reached 3.54 milliion, a rise of 30%, while international visitors reached 3.17 million, up 21.9%.


MAHB says the buoyant passenger growth was contributed by theadditional airlines’ seat capacity offered and new airlines operation.

And it commented that competitive air fares and airlines’ collaboration with Tourism Malaysia to promote VMY 2014 further helped to boost air travel demand.

Passengers into Kuala Lumpur International Airport rose by 25.4%, compared to September 2012 to 3.97 million.

In the third quarter alone, 20.35 million passengers used Malaysian airports, an increase of 22.6% on the corresponding period last year.

And in 2013 as a whole, 57.34 million passengers have been handled after nine months, a rise of 16.6% on 2012.

MAHB says it is ‘cautiously optimistic’ that growth will continue, but the recent unpredictable and adverse weather conditions experienced globally and volatile oil price may dampen growth.

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