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NEWS Last modified on November 12, 2013

CNN names crab house in top 10 airport restaurants that 'taste like home'

Television news channel CNN has named the Obrycki's Crab House in the US as one of the top 10 airport restaurants serving food that ‘tastes like home’.

The restaurant was introduced by AIRMALL, which runs concessions at different airports across the US.

Two Obrycki's are located at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI Marshall) and one at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE).

CNN list honoured outstanding restaurants and was whittled down to the top 10 eateries that are representative of an airport’s regional flavor.

Obrycki's has previously won a range of awards for the fresh seafood it serves travellers, which includes its signature crab cakes.

Brandon Blaylock, CEO and president, AIRMALL USA, says: “Anyone who has had the chance to enjoy their award-winning crab cakes and seafood knows that Obrycki's offers an authentic taste of the rich culinary heritage we have here in the Chesapeake region.

“Obrycki's Crab House is the perfect example of how AIRMALL provides the best of both local and national brands to deliver the modern airport experience.

“We congratulate them on their latest recognition, and hope travellers will stop by to sample their famous seafood and crab cakes this holiday travel season and all year long."

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