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NEWS Last modified on November 12, 2013

Stylish new uniform introduced for staff at London Gatwick

Staff at London Gatwick Airport will now wear a stylish new uniform - which will see them all wear the same design rather than the current 16.

Feedback was garnered from 1400 staff, who registered their desire to have uniforms that make them proud to work for Gatwick.

The airport worked with corporate clothing specialists, Jermyn Street Design, who has created a collection to combine 'functionality and flair' for all job roles.

The idea was to create a stand-out and unique range so it gives passengers the feel that Gatwick has a strong brand identity.

Name badges have been added to maximise the approachability of all staff to cater for the broad range of travellers that Gatwick welcomes.

The 21-piece collection includes a mixture of practical garments aimed at ensuring each employee looks and feels their best no matter what their role.

They include a range of chic outerwear coats with a detachable lining, striped and plain shirts, polo shirts, striped neck scarves and dresses for the first time.

Tina Oakley, HR director at Gatwick Airport, said: “We’re excited to reveal our new Gatwick wardrobe which has been directly inspired by our staff who have been part of the process every step of the way.

“Their input has been crucial to ensuring that the uniforms are not only more comfortable and stylish but also make them feel proud of working for the world's busiest single runway airport.

“Having a customer-facing team that looks and feels good is also another step in our ‘Turn It Up’ programme, an initiative designed to ensure we keep improving customer service and the passenger experience as a whole.”

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