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NEWS Last modified on November 14, 2013

First airport Nando’s to open at Gatwick

A Nando’s restaurant is winging its way to London Gatwick’s South Terminal next summer.

Nando’s Gatwick will operate around 20 hours a day, seat 200 diners and create 100 new jobs.

The 5,900 sq ft development is in direct response to recent research, which found a majority (33%) of passengers wanted to see the chain at the airport.

The deal marks the start of a major overhaul of the South Terminal’s food and beverage offering.

This follows a revamp of the North Terminal, which has seen eight new restaurants open in the past two years, including Jamie’s Italian and Yo! Sushi.

Passenger ratings of food and beverage at Gatwick have improved significantly, with 85% of travellers scoring the offerings as either excellent or good.

The number of passengers eating, drinking or purchasing products from catering outlets has also risen by a quarter to 65%.

Regional director of Nando's, Garry Duncan, commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce we’ll be opening our first airport restaurant in London Gatwick next year.

“It’s a completely new territory for the brand, but demonstrates our forward thinking and desire to offer our fans and customers the best possible Nando’s experience, whether they’re on a high street or in an airport terminal.”

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