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NEWS Last modified on November 19, 2013

Passenger spending at airport concessions in North America rising

The Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) has revealed passengers spent more on airport concessions in 2012.

Findings of the 2013 Airport Concessions Benchmarking Survey were detailed at the 2013 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Conference in Sacramento, California last week.

The survey incorporated data on concession revenue from 94 airports, reflecting 79% of passenger traffic in the US and 48% of traffic in Canada.

Airport data reported show that total revenue from terminal concessions was $1.54 billion in 2012.

Revenue from food and beverage programmes at US airports represented 35% of the total 2012 terminal concessions revenue, while retail represented 41%.

Passengers spent an average of $3.31 on news, gift and specialty retail and $5.15 on food and beverage per enplanement in 2012, compared to $3.10 and $5.00 respectively in 2011.

And duty-free gross sales at North American airports were approximately $740 million in 2012.

Deborah McElroy, interim president of ACI-NA, says: “This year’s survey readily shows that airports continue to creatively reinvent their concessions programmes to improve the travel experience and explore new revenue streams.

“North America’s airports are committed to providing world-class customer service, and the concessions they offer play an important role in surpassing passengers’ needs and expectations.”

The study also found mobile apps are also proving to be an essential platform for promoting concessions with 78% of airports with an app reporting they share special concessions offers and information with passengers via their mobile devices.

And more than 90% of participating airports monitor their concessions programs and customer satisfaction via social media.

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