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NEWS Last modified on November 25, 2013

Pittsburgh hits the right notes

Allegheny County Airport Authority and WQED Multimedia have partnered up to relaunch and enhance the music at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The ‘Q the Music: Pittsburgh Classical Network’ programming is provided by WQED from its Oakland studios to both the airport and the Port Authority’s T subway stations.

The programme is a new take on the former ‘Classics on the Move’ collection, and will be sponsored by the airport authority for one year.

During that time, WQED will secure additional sponsors to continue to programme for successive years.

David Minotte, the authority’s chairman, said: “This new network will help to improve the passenger experience at Pittsburgh International Airport.

“Classical music has a soothing influence for our passengers and research shows that it can reduce stress.”

Similar music programmes are rare in US airports, due to broadcasting rights and other issues, but Pittsburgh has a locally-owned and -operated classical music station.

The announcement was celebrated with a ‘flash mob’ from River City Brass.

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