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NEWS Last modified on November 25, 2013

Six food and beverage outlets to open at Beijing Capital

Six new food and beverage outlets will soon open at Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA).

The airport has awarded travel operator SSP with £50 million worth of contracts across different terminals.

In Terminal 2, a Hong Kong-style café Tai Hing, premium bakery brand Panopolis and French brasserie Le Grand Comptoir will be opened airside to serve domestic passengers.

In Terminal 3, there will be a large food and beverage area which will feature three brands - the US-inspired sports bar O’Learys, Asian casual brand Thai Express and a second Tai Hing outlet.

These will be located airside in the international area of the terminal. All of the new sites are scheduled to open in the autumn of 2014.

 Kate Swann, chief executive officer of SSP, says: “China is an important strategic focus for SSP and we already have a substantial presence at Shanghai, Hangzhou, Haikou and Xi’an airports.

“We are delighted to be operating, for the first time, at the largest airport in China and are confident that this investment will prove successful both for us and for our partners at BCIA.”

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