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NEWS Last modified on November 29, 2013

Perth Airport opens international arrivals area

Perth Airport opened the first phase of its new international arrivals area earlier today.

The airport says that feedback on the facility – part of its A$750 million redevelopment – has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

CEO, Brad Geatches, said: “We’ve completely changed how people arrive into Perth Airport off an international flight.”

Terminal 1 was extended 60m to the east, doubling the size of the existing arrivals area.

The expansion was in response to strong international growth, which increased by almost 8.2% to around 3.8 million in the last financial year.

The new immigration arrivals area has been relocated to level 1, into a space more than double the size of its previous location on the ground floor.

Geatches continued: “Previously, our facilities were not providing the kind of welcome we wanted to give passengers when they arrived at Perth Airport.

“It was essential that we got the design of this area right to ensure an efficient and enjoyable customer experience.”

He added: “We also wanted to embrace technology and support the increased use of SmartGate by Australian citizens and those from other nations with e-Passport facilities.”

Travellers are now automatically able to use SmartGate if they are an Australian, New Zealand or United Kingdom citizen aged 16 years or older and who hold an e-Passport.

Passengers now also walk through a large JR-Duty Free store after they disembark.

Remodelling and expansion of the ground floor in now under way.

Geatches said: “The first of three double-loop baggage reclaim belts is in operation and we are now focusing on expanding the Quarantine area, which will also double in size.”

The first phase further includes new offices on level 1 for Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Immigration, and, on the ground floor, new toilets, car rental booths and a quiet/prayer room accessible from the forecourt and arrivals hall.

Geatches concluded: “By the time this A$80 million project is complete in late 2014, and we have finished the A$145 million expansion and upgrade of the international departures experience, we will have double the entire the floor space in Terminal 1 and transformed the experience for all passengers.”

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