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NEWS Last modified on November 29, 2013

Plans forming for Manston Airport

Following the completion of the purchase of Manston Airport in Kent, UK, its new owner is investigating plans for growth.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the transport industry, investor, Ann Gloag, has selected turnaround specialist, Alastair Welch, to head up the team at Manston, alongside Charles Buchanan.

Gloag commented: “Whilst this is a loss-making airport, I hope that with the co-operation of our neighbours and the wider community of Kent, the airport partners and staff, we can capitalise on the opportunities available.”

Welch added to Gloag’s enthusiasm, saying: “It is vital that we create an environment where new partners are attracted to do business at Manston.”

He said that the success of the airport depended on the collaboration of stakeholders and staff.

He concluded: “In the meantime, the twice-daily KLM flights connecting the people of Kent to worldwide destinations via Amsterdam continue to be very popular, and the Manston team looks forward to welcoming even more passengers in the future.”

Manston Airport, which was valued at £1 in October, has one runway and can serve one million passengers a year.

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