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NEWS Last modified on December 2, 2013

Los Angeles International nearly doubles Twitter followers in November

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) gained more than 27,000 Twitter followers in November, the same month a shooter went on a spree.

According to the study Twittairport, undertaken by the website solterbeck.net - LAX went from 30,404 to 57,648 followers.

Followers to LAX surged after a suspect went on a shooting spree killing a federal security agent and wounding other people inside a terminal on November 2.

Twittairport analysed the 618 accounts for November of airports across the globe, which tweet and have accounts.

London Heathrow was top with 185,654 followers, a rise of 8.23% on the 179,530 followers in October.

The study says Gatwick Airport has the second highest number of followers with 93,826, an increase of 4.16% on October.

Other airports making the top ten were Dublin Airport in seventh with 48,054, while Dubai Airports was eighth with 41,455.

Twittairport says airports across the 618 accounts in November had a combined 2,254,737 followers up on the 2,045,018 in October, a rise of 5.39%.

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