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NEWS Last modified on December 3, 2013

Christmas spirit in full flow at London Heathrow

Travellers passing through terminals at London Heathrow will be treated to a festive send-off over the Christmas period.

Around three million passengers are expected in December and the airport has teamed up with The Snowman and The Snowdog team to put on a range of activities.

Among the seasonal joy will be different festive characters, who will be on hand to entertain children.

Terminals will have Christmas themed security lanes, play areas for children featuring ‘The Snowman and The Snowdog’ characters, and storytelling and craft sessions.

And activity packs will be given to children in restaurants to keep kids entertained, while Santa Claus and his elves will also be visiting.

Passengers departing from Terminal 5 at 11am on December 12 will be treated to a screening of the ‘The Snowman and The Snowdog’ at check-in while the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform the theme song, ‘Light the Night’ from the film.

Maria Lourenco, a Heathrow personal shopper says: “Christmas at Heathrow is a magical time as our passengers set off on their most important journey of the year to see loved ones.”

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