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NEWS Last modified on December 4, 2013

Eight new food and beverage units to open at Bordeaux in 2014

Eight new food and beverage units will open early next year at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport.

SSP has been awarded a 10-year contract valued at €80 million to run eight facilities in 2014.

A Starbucks coffee shop, Le Café des Grands Hommes, and French brasserie Le Grand Comptoir will open in Hall A.

And in Hall B there will be two bespoke concepts – a bar called Ostréa and a café called Barista, which will be complemented by two Brioche Dorée bakeries and a Selecta outlet.

Airport director Pascal Personne, says: “The opening of these new food and beverage facilities is part of our drive to achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

“The concepts created for Bordeaux Airport by SSP are both imaginative and original, and will appeal to a broad spectrum of passengers.”

Kate Swann, chief executive officer of SSP says the new food and beverage units will create a ‘wealth of choice for passengers’.

Bordeaux is the fifth busiest airport in France, recording one of the highest growth rates of all the country’s provincial airports.

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