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NEWS Last modified on December 4, 2013

Birmingham Airport signs partnership with Chinese travel specialist

Birmingham Airport has announced a new partnership with a Chinese travel specialist, in a bid to attract more Chinese visitors to the region.

The partnership with Caissa forms part of the wider ‘China Welcome Campaign’ being launched by tourism body VisitBritain.

The initiative is aiming to make the UK the most welcoming destination in the world for Chinese visitors.

Caissa will be working together with the airport in promoting Birmingham as a gateway to the UK for Chinese tourism.

Founding partners of the campaign include the Hilton, easyJet, Harrods and John Lewis, while Birmingham, Manchester and London are the only destinations signed up as founding partners. 

The agreement will see them work together to deliver a tourism programme inbound to the UK from China in 2014.

As part of the partnership Birmingham Airport will display Chinese signage and have staff with specialist language skills.

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, says: “Birmingham Airport is delighted to announce that through this partnership with Caissa, we will be working together in establishing Birmingham Airport as a gateway to the UK for Chinese tourism.

“We are also proud to be part of the partnership which will strengthen ties between the UK and China. With the UK’s leading tourism and consumer brands already on board this will enable the UK and the Midlands region to showcase its rich heritage and world class tourist attractions.”

China is currently one of the fastest growing visitor source markets for the UK tourism industry at a rate of 20% year-on-year over the past few years.

The Chinese visitor market is worth more than £1 million to the West Midlands economy with Birmingham now the 4th most popular destination in England.

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