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NEWS Last modified on December 5, 2013

New terminal at Burgas Airport opens

The new terminal at Burgas Airport on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has opened.

Operator Fraport Twin Star, majority owned by Fraport AG, says operations are expected to start within the next two weeks at the BOJ terminal.

The facility has been designed by British-based Halcrow Group, Pascall + Watson in partnership with SavantElbul of Bulgaria.

The 21,000 square metre terminal integrates characteristic elements of Bulgarian nature and architecture.

It features 31 check-in counters, three boarding-card checkpoints; nine security lanes and eight departure gates, while the arrivals area has 12 immigration stations and four baggage carousels.

Passenger amenities include 800 square metres of space dedicated to shopping, 1,220 square metres for food and beverage services and an outdoor 550 square metre courtyard.

Fraport AG’s chief financial officer,Dr. Matthias Zieschang says: “Today, we are proud to be launching a new era at Burgas Airport. Fraport Twin Star’s two aviation gateways now feature state-of-art passenger facilities to strengthen the international competitiveness and future growth opportunities of the vital Bulgarian tourism industry – and ultimately the country’s economy as a whole.”

Burgas Airport welcomed 2.5 million travellers in the first 10 months of 2013, a 4% increase on the same period in 2012.

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