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NEWS Last modified on December 5, 2013

New fashion retail operator at Amsterdam Schiphol

Fashion retail at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been taken on by LS travel retail - a division of Lagardère Services.

The firm has reached an agreement in principle with Philip Gerzon to acquire 100% of Charles F. Gerzon Holding B.V.

The firm operates fashion travel retail at Europe’s fourth biggest hub and closing of the transaction is expected in early January 2014.

Gerzon Holding operates 12 mono and multi-brands stores on a total space of 2400 metres and achieved sales of €54 million in 2012.

The portfolio of successful luxury brands includes Boss, Longchamp, Burberry, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret.

Otto Ambagtsheer, managing director business area consumer products and services at Amsterdam Schiphol, says: “We enjoyed an intensive and excellent collaboration and welcome our new business partner Lagardère Services at Schiphol.

“We are fully confident that, thanks to their broad experience and innovative strength, the quality of the fashion retail activities at Schiphol will be guaranteed.”

Dag Rasmussen, chief executive officer of Lagardère Services, says he is confiendent in its potential development considering Schiphol’s 'great ambitions'.

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