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NEWS Last modified on December 9, 2013

New deli serving Asian street food opens at Birmingham Airport

A new deli serving traditional Asian street food has opened its doors to passengers at Birmingham Airport.

Inspired by authentic flavours, Deli Hub by Kababish is the latest addition to the airport’s list of eateries and is located inside the terminal and open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm.

The halal menu boasts sub-continent street food classics like pakoras, samosas and chaats.

Passengers can also create their own deli naan wraps, with a wide range of fillings and sauces to choose from.

Deli Hub is an extension of the well-established Kababish restaurants in Moseley and Sutton Coldfield, firm favourites with Brummies.

Martyn Lloyd, commercial director at Birmingham Airport, says: “We’re pleased to welcome Deli Hub to Birmingham Airport, which I’m sure will prove to be tremendously popular with our passengers, especially for those who like their food a little bit spicy.

“We hope the Asian inspired decor and authentic street food menu will create an exciting atmosphere inside the terminal. The great tasting food will speak for itself.”

Sydd Sadiq, managing director of Kababish, says he is delighted with the venture and he has every confidence it will be a big success.

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