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NEWS Last modified on December 10, 2013

American Airlines-US Airways merger good for Miami – airport boss

Miami International Airport has officially welcomed the long awaited merger of American Airlines-US Airways, claiming it is good news for his airport.

“The Miami-Dade Aviation Department proudly celebrates the official creation of the new American Airlines, and we look to forward to maintaining the Latin American and Caribbean hub for what will now be the world’s largest airline," enthuses director Dr Emilio González.

"The merger of American Airlines and US Airways puts our hub carrier on a stronger financial footing, which is fantastic news for travellers, employees and business partners at Miami International Airport and throughout our community.

"Just last month, American began four new international routes at MIA to Cozumel, Curitiba and Porto Alegre in Brazil, and Milan, each of which translates to more business revenue and job growth in Miami-Dade County.

"As the new American Airlines continues its transition over the coming months to one cohesive airline, we look forward to providing our full support in any way possible to further its growth at MIA."

Last year was one of the most successful ever for MIA in terms of route development with American Airlines alone launching six new services to Asuncíon (Paraguay), Barcelona (Spain), Manaus and Recife (Brazil), Roatan (Honduras) and Seattle (USA). 

A record 39.5 million passengers passed through Miami International Airport in 2012 – 3% up on the previous year.

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