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NEWS Last modified on December 11, 2013

Glasgow Airport sees busiest November in six years

Glasgow Airport witnessed its busiest November in six years, after almost 514,000 passengers travelled through its doors.

The figure represents a 3.1% increase compared to November 2012.

Demand for long-haul routes, including Emirates’ 14 weekly flights to Dubai and United’s Newark service contributed to a 10.9% increase in international traffic.

Extra capacity on both easyJet and KLM’s Amsterdam services also contributed to the rise in international passengers.

Amanda McMillan, the airport’s managing director, said: “Not only have we been able to report our busiest November in six years, we enjoyed our 10th consecutive month of passenger growth.

“We have been consistently growing passenger numbers over the course of the past three years and much of our recent success has been driven by the performance of our international routes, which is particularly pleasing.”

The second phase of Glasgow’s £17 million investment programme, which will transform large areas of the terminal ahead of next year’s Commonwealth Games, is well under way.

The works include the extension of the international arrivals area, the addition of new seating and the landscaping of a new public space in front of the terminal.

Other aspects include new flooring in the airport’s domestic pier, new heating and ventilation systems in Terminal 2, and general improvement to the road network and airfield.

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