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NEWS Last modified on December 12, 2013

Milan Malpensa plans “complete makeover”

Airport operator, SEA Group, has announced that Milan Malpensa Airport will undergo a “complete makeover” ahead of EXPO 2015.

As well as the completion of Terminal 1, all areas that have been operating since 1998 will be rebuilt to be in line with the new layout.

The resulting airport will be “an elegant, bright and airy state-of-the-art steel and glass facility”, with an aerodynamic design, marble floors and zinc-titanium cladding.

The 350,000sqm Terminal 1 will have 90 boarding gates, up to 270 check-in desks and 41 loading bridges, and will make Milan the first Italian airport able to accommodate two A380s simultaneously and board passengers through three bridges.

It has been designed by Gregorio Caccia Dominioni and will cost €30 million.

A new shopping area will be available to both Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.

At 13,000sqm, the retail area will be one of Europe’s largest, with 46 units, including a 2,500sqm duty free area.

The new mall will increase the total retail offering in departures to 23,000sqm, with around 100 restaurants, bars and shops.

In tribute to the city of Milan, the new shopping area will resemble the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and will feature a ‘Luxury Square’ – home to some of the world’s best-known brands, including Bulgari, Armani, Gucci and Ferrari.

In preparation for the EXPO, Milan Malpensa is also becoming more efficient.

Future technological services will include websites, apps and the itiView navigation software.

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