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NEWS Last modified on December 13, 2013

Auckland calls for new terminal design

Auckland Airport has announced the next step in the development of its new integrated terminal building.

Graham Matthews, general manager of airport development and delivery, said: “Our new integrated terminal is at the very heart of our 30-year vision to create the ‘airport of the future’, and will need to be able to accommodate up to 40 million domestic and international passengers.”

The search has begun for detailed engineering and architectural design and cost management services, in order to start the design process.

Matthews continued: “We need to assemble the very best design team we can find to implement the vision that Auckland Airport has for this major infrastructure project.

“We plan to be able to appoint the successful by mid-April. We would like to see New Zealand firms teamed up with international partners to respond to our search, and we encourage them to do so.”

The new design will enhance the passenger experience, from check-in and border control to shopping and relaxing.

The airport also aims to create a flexible facility, which can accommodate changing aircraft types in the future.

Built in stages, the integrated terminal will serve the existing southern runway and a new northern runway, which is due to become operational around 2025.

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