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NEWS Last modified on December 17, 2013

ADAC signs deal with Plaza Premium

Airport operator, Abu Dhabi Airports, has entered a partnership with Plaza Premium Lounge Management for the renovation, management and operation of Abu Dhabi International Airport’s hotel and lounges in Terminals 1 and 2.

The renovated lounges will offer added privacy and luxury, where passengers will be able to enjoy personalised services and facilities.

Travellers will have access to a range of facilities, including showers, free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, VIP rooms, a live kitchen and massage services.

Customer service representatives in each lounge will also be able to assist transit passengers within the airport.

Plaza Premium will redesign the seating and room capacity of the airport lounges and hotel to accommodate increasing traffic.

Mohammed Al Bulooki, ADAC’s CCO, said: “With the anticipated traffic of 20 million passengers annually by 2017, it is the right time to establish this partnership in order to ensure that our facilities are best equipped and managed to provide the services travellers both expect and need.”

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