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NEWS Last modified on December 18, 2013

Virtual assistant installed at Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport has installed a virtual assistant to help passengers with self-service check-in – the first of its kind in Poland.

All queries on how to use the kiosks, which documents to have prepared and how to print a boarding pass can be answered in English or Polish by the system.

To activate the device, passengers press a button. The virtual assistant will then provide standard information needed to complete check-in.

Tomasz Prokopiuk, manager of Chopin Airport passenger processes and service quality section, said: “The virtual assistant is an attention-grabber and is very effective.

“It encourages passengers to use self-service check-in kiosks, showing them how easy it is.

“This makes this form of check-in more efficient and adds a high tech dimension to Chopin Airport’s image.”

Similar devices are in use at other European and US airports, including Boston, Frankfurt, London and Edinburgh.

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