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NEWS Last modified on December 19, 2013

BA opens new lounge in Cape Town

British Airways has opened a new lounge in Cape Town International Airport.

The new facility is twice the size of its predecessor, the Terraces Lounge, and is designed to emulate the BA Galleries lounges in Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

The development comes ahead of Cape Town gaining an extra three Boeing 777-200ER flights a week from BA through summer 2014 (the winter season in South Africa).

At 680sqm, the new lounge can accommodate 148 passengers and offers free Wi-Fi and an ‘air printing’ facility, which allows customers to print from their own device without having to connect to a printer.

Other facilities include showers and catering options developed by local menu providers.

A dedicated area will showcase the best wines from the Cape region and wine-tastings will be offered on selected departure dates.

Designed by the carrier’s lounge development team and Johannesburg-based Tonic Design, the lounge has a tiled floor in a herringbone pattern and surface finished from Giles Miller.

Fabrics used throughout the lounge are designed by Osbourne & Little and showcase the best of British textiles.

The space will also be use to showcase work by up-and-coming South African artists.

The lounges are available to BA First and Club World passengers, Executive Club Gold and Silver members and oneworld frequent flyers with Emerald and Sapphire states.

Richard Tams, BA’s head of UK&I sales, said: “This new, much larger lounge, which is part of our £5 billion investment in products and services to benefit our customers, will offer our guests all the facilities we know they value such as the ability to work, relax, dine and freshen up.

“Although the space is very much in keeping with our Terminal 5 Galleries lounge, the British Airways team has worked closely with local designers, artists and tradespeople to develop the look and feel of the lounge to reflect South Africa’s rich culture.”

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