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NEWS Last modified on December 19, 2013

Bologna Airport sets traffic record

Bologna Marconi Airport has passed the six million passenger mark for the first time in its history.

Growth reached 3.8% this year, mainly through an increase in international passengers.

In the last seven years alone, the airport’s passenger figures have grown by 50%.

The record was celebrated by awarding the six millionth passenger, Dante Calauti, with six €100 coupons to be spent in the airport’s shops.

After 80 years since the start of operations, the airport believes the record is a result of a policy to develop the offer, mixing both legacy airlines and LCCs.

New routes in 2013 included Bilbao, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Dublin, Eindhoven, Iasi, Sofia, Timisoata and Tunis, while frequencies have been upped on flights to Barcelona, Catania, Istanbul and Valencia.

Next year, the airport will see new flights to Alghero, Manchester and Oslo with Ryanair; Craiova with Wizz Air; and Paris with Vueling.

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