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NEWS Last modified on December 23, 2013

Children's play area opened at LAX

A children’s play area has opened at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

‘LAX Beach’ is located in the new US$1.5 billion Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The opening on Friday was celebrated with a ‘birthday party’, attended by nearly 50 kindergarten children and six LAX therapy PUPs (Pets Unstressing Passengers).

The space is located past federal passenger security screening to conveniently serve travelers awaiting flights.

The 971 sq foot LAX Beach provides fun for children aged from two to eight years old and cost $350,000.

The space is composed of hand-painted, soft, sculpted foam pieces resembling beachscapes such as waves, surfboards, beach toys and sea life.

LAX Beach features a slide and equipment for children to climb on with adjacent seating overlooking the area offering a place for parents to relax and watch their children.

Located near the dining terrace in the terminal's Villaraigosa Pavilion (Great Hall) the space is open during terminal hours.

Los Angeles World Airports Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey, says: “I think it’s safe to say that happy children make better flyers.  With the opening of LAX Beach, we are going to see a lot more happy children on our international flights.

“It’s just another step along the path LAX is taking to improve the traveling experience for every passenger – no matter how young.”

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