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NEWS Last modified on December 22, 2013

Record day for Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free racked up a record $30.65 million in daily sales during Friday's 30th birthday celebrations.

A 30% discount on a wide range of products helped make the record breaking day, with sales 40% up on last year’s anniversary figures.

The statistics for the day highlight the huge volume of sales that passed through the cash points within the 24- hour period.

In an incredible day, DDF had already clocked up 86,550 transactions worth in excess of $12.5 million by 10am!

By 6pm, sales had reached over $23.2 million, and an amazing 158,931 transactions – smashing last year's anniversary sales all-time high of $21 million.

And by 10pm, the cash registers continued to ring and recorded 193,163 transactions and sales reached $27.3 million, while the final figure when the anniversary day sale ended reached an incredible  $30.65 million.

From a category point of view, Perfumes was the highest selling category with sales of  $8.5 million and representing 27.9% of the total daily sales.   

Watches and Clocks was the second most popular category on the anniversary day with sales of S$7 million.  

Cosmetics came in at third place, category wise, with sales of $3.9 million.

Liquor came in fourth position followed by Cigarettes. 

Other notable increases were seen in Confectionery, which rose by 33% to $1.2 million and Delicatessen, which recorded $619,000 in sales. Departure sales has recorded $28.3 million representing 92.3% of total anniversary sales.

Dubai Duty Free's executive vice chairman, Colm McLoughlin, enthused: "We had a fantastic day on our anniversary with a huge surge of sales. Extending a 30% discount to our customers was our way of saying thank you for three decades of support.

"I join our chairman, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum in congratulating all of our staff, suppliers and partners on the occasion of this milestone anniversary.

“We began introducing a discount offer across a wide range of merchandise on our 20th Anniversary in 2003 and it has become a popular day with travellers, some of whom book their flights in order to shop on that day."

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