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NEWS Last modified on January 3, 2014

Master Plan for expansion at Anchorage International to be released soon

A draft Master Plan document recommending future expansion at Anchorage International Airport will be released in the early part of this year.

Members of the Alaskan airport’s Study Input Committee, will meet in the early part of 2014 after which a document setting out a development programme will be published.

The Master Plan is necessary so the airport can make informed decisions about infrastructure investments and so it is prepared to meet future demand for landings and take offs, passengers, cargo, and general aviation.

US commercial service airports are encouraged by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to update master plans every five to seven years, to describe short, medium and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand.

The airport has entered into a contract with the firm Reynolds Smith and Hills, to lead this effort.

Concessions at Anchorage are also being expanded with the landside seating area for Norton Sound Seafood House, expected to be completed by March 2014, which will include the sale of beer, wine and liquor.

Construction is also complete on a new spa concession, The Northern Lights Spa - that offers manicures, pedicures, massages, tanning, and hair styling.

In 2012, more than five million passengers were handled at Anchorage and it is among the top five in the world for cargo throughput.

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