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NEWS Last modified on January 8, 2014

Copenhagen Airport introduces new App and website in Chinese

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has launched a Chinese app and website to meet the needs of travellers.

The move follows on the success of offering Chinese guides and courses in Chinese culture to airport retail staff, along with Chinese language signs and a welcome brochure.

CPH says the initiatives are essential for Denmark to attract Chinese travellers and add to the 60,000 that currently travel through Copenhagen each year.

Carsten Nørland, CPH’s vice president for sales and marketing, says the airport expects the number of Chinese travellers to grow in years to come.

“One might say it is a bit too much we do for a so far relatively small group of travellers. But we see it as an investment in the future, and we expect that quite a large proportion of the airport's future growth will come from China and Asia," says Nørland.

CPH currently handles about 23 million passengers a year.

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