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NEWS Last modified on January 31, 2014

Year-end traffic statistics for 2013

Airports across the globe have started revealing their year-on-year passenger numbers for 2013 with many posting new records.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport ended 2013 by reaching the 10 million passenger milestone for the first time in the airport's history, with 10,017,958 travellers, up 6% on 2012.


Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport broke the 8.5 mllion mark for the first time in its history, as it recorded 8,562,298 passengers, up 1.3% on 2012.

Miami International Airport also set a new all-time traffic record with 40.5 million passengers travelling through it in 2013, up 2.75% or 1.1 million on 2012.

Mineta San José International Airport posted a rise of 5.9% last year, as 8,783,319 passengers were handled, and recorded 12 consecutive months of growth compared to 2012.


Keflavik International Airport had another record year in 2013 with 2,751,743 passengers, a 15.6% increase from 2012.

The Iceland airport has seen a 70% rise in passenger traffic over the last four years and is expecting a further 18.5% increase in 2014.

Birmingham Airport celebrated passing nine million passengers in 2013 for the first time since 2009 with 9,119,709 travellers, a 2.3% rise on 2012.


Helsinki Airport achieved a record year in 2013 with passenger numbers reaching 15 million for the first time ever in a year.


The Finland airport welcomed 15,279,043 passengers, which was up by 2.8% from the previous year, but total traffic at airports run by operator Finavia for 2013 was down to 19,012,375 from 19,179,624 in 2012.


Dublin Airport has reported a passenger increase of 6% in 2013 with 20.2 million welcomed, after an extra 1.1 million people came through the gates.


The significant growth in numbers was led by a record-breaking performance on transatlantic traffic, which saw a 13% rise.


London Stansted also increased traffic by 2.2% to just over 17.84 million, its first full year of growth since 2007.


Copenhagen Airport reached 24.1 million passengers, an increase of 3.1% on 2012.

Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S, says: “The year 2013 ended on a strong note, and our growth rate for the year was higher than at most of our competitors among the other European hub airports. This shows that our strategy of strengthening the hub is effective.”

London City Airport (LCY)has reported it had its most successful year since it opened in 1987 with a total of 3,381,000 travellers passing through the departure and arrivals gates at LCY, an increase of 12% on 2012.


Amsterdam Schiphol has reported more than 52.5 million passengers were welcomed in 2013 - a new yearly record.

The figure was a 3% rise on 2012, and Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol group's president and CEO, says the growth was ‘good news’.

Cagliari Airport in Sardinia handled 3.57 million travellers in 2013, a rise of 15.68% on 2012.


Brussels Airport welcomed 19.133 million passengers, and a rise on the 18.971 million passengers in 2012.

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, says: “After an exceptional month of December and with a 0.9% increase in passenger numbers in 2013, Brussels Airport has achieved its best result since 2001.

Avinor airports in Norway, totalled more than 48 million for 2013 with Oslo Airport seeing a 4% rise in traffic, handling almost 23 million, while Bergen Airport welcomed 6 million, up 6.9% on last year.

Bologna Airport reached more than six million passengers for the first time in its history, recording 6,193,783 travellers and a growth rate of 4% on 2012.

In Russia, traffic for the year at Novosibirsk International Airport was up 14.7% compared to 2012 with 3,748,211 travellers passing through the departure and arrivals gates.

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