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NEWS Last modified on January 16, 2014

Miami set to downsize 'airport city' plans

Miami International Airport is set to scale back its ambitious ‘airport city’ project to ensure that it has enough space available for future expansion of its aviation facilities.

Operator, Miami-Dade Aviation Department, had planned to create a $512 million airport city on a 33.5 acre site east of Florida’s biggest gateway.

The highly ambitious project, set to be built by Brazilian multi-national conglomerate Odebrecht USA, included plans for a business park, five-star hotel with conference and convention facilities, restaurants, shops, offices, a pet hotel and petrol station.

However, new airport boss, Emilio González is not a fan, and under a new proposal it could be reduced to a nine acre development, leaving 24 acres in which to expand the airfield.

“Our recommendation is that Miami-Dade Aviation Department be allowed to keep those 24 acres which we hope to develop in aviation-related businesses, because If we were to start building hotels and office parks, we’d never get it back,” González, director of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, told the Miami Herald.

“My job is to protect the interests of this airport, to grow this airport economically.”

González unveiled the new plans during a meeting of the County Commission’s Transportation and Aviation committee.

The County Commission now has to decide whether to endorse González’s recommendation, which according to the newspaper, was likely to get the support of the four commissioners present at the meeting.

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