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NEWS Last modified on January 18, 2014

New retail outlets coming to Warsaw Chopin

Travellers to Warsaw Chopin Airport will soon have 25 new stores to shop at after a contract was awarded for outlets to be operated.

LS travel retail will operate the outlets, through its local subsidiary HDS Polska, as part of a 10-year lease.

Branded stores will include Aelia Duty Free, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, McDonald’s, Mc Café, Armani, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

A year from now HDS Polska will operate 15 new duty free and luxury and 10 new food service and gourmet stores in Terminal A of Warsaw Chopin after its modernization works are complete.

Michal Marzec, general director of Polish Airports and director of Warsaw Chopin, says: “We asked the companies taking part in the calls for tender to present a consistent and detailed proposal for the commercial surface of the new part of the terminal.

“The HDS Polska company presented the best offer in both calls for tender, including the most innovative and attractive concepts."

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