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NEWS Last modified on January 22, 2014

Retail and dining at Warsaw Chopin to be transformed

The retail and dining experience for passengers at Warsaw Chopin Airport will be enhanced as part of a modernisation project.

The transformation of the airport’s terminal at the beginning of next year will see 10 new bars and restaurants and 15 shops.

Polish Airports has awarded the contract to HDS Polska, part of Lagardère Services, who will be the tenant of the retail and catering outlets for a period of 10 years.

Michał Marzec, director of Warsaw Chopin, says: “The bidders had to present a coherent, comprehensive concept for the development of the commercial area in the new part of the terminal, both in terms of functionality and retail sales. HDS Polska submitted the best bids in both procedures, with the most innovative and attractive design of all outlets.”


Once the work in the terminal has been completed at the beginning of 2015, passengers will have an additional 3,000 sq metres of commercial space to shop at including 15 shops.

Retail brands set to open are Victoria’s Secret, Ermenegildo Zegna, Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Samsung.

Piotr Nalej, director of Warsaw Chopin commercial bureau, says: “These will include typical duty free shops selling alcohol, cigarettes and cosmetics. Two will be run under the Aelia Duty Free brand, but with a wider range of products than the one so far.

“We will also open a new shop, Le Connaisseur, where customers will be able to buy and sample unique luxury alcohols and cigars.”

An additional food area of 2,100 sq metres will include a McDonald’s fast-food outlet, coffee shops; Espressamente Illy and McCafé, and two new restaurants; The Flame and Misa.

And there will be an open food court area with three catering outlets serving food ranging from fast food and Italian dishes to Polish cuisine.

The completion of work on the former Terminal 1 also means the re-opening of the observation deck, this time with a souvenir shop and a café.

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