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NEWS Last modified on January 24, 2014

Hendricks circus arrives at Singapore Changi's Terminal 2

The world’s first ever Hendrick’s Marvellous Miniature Circus has taken up residence in Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport.

William Grant & Sons has embarked on a mission to restore equilibrium by rejuvenating the idea of the ‘travelling circus’ for Hendrick’s Gin.


Passengers are invited to the Central Mix Bar in January and February, where invisible trapeze artists, illusionist zoetropes, flying cucumber-knifes and contortionists of all sizes, will help travellers leave more curious than when they arrived.


WGS Asia-Pacific travel retail director, Scott Hamilton, speaking in jest says: “Our ringmaster interviewed 399 sword swallowers, tested 201 knife throwers personally before forming a troupe of great eccentricity and individuality.


“Rather than cracking the discount whip, an interactive circus would have far more travellers making a beeline for the marquee to seek a daily dose of curiosity and peculiar refinement.”



Passengers are invited to step into the marquee and take a peek into the Hendrick’s Zoetrope, where a fascinating story of gin and cucumber unfold, cucumber cannonballs and cucumber knife throwing acts will leave them intrigued.


The interaction continues as the ringmaster pours everyone a bespoke Hendrick’s Gin circus cocktail.


Parker Gundersen, general manager of DFS Singapore, says: “Our Mix-It Experiences are one of DFS’ key strategies for engaging customers at Changi Airport.


“To remain relevant to travellers, we need to constantly elevate the experience and surprise them with something they’ve never seen before.


“The circus is an excellent example of the creativity we like to showcase at Changi, and we truly appreciate the energy and passion the team from William Grant & Sons has put into making this promotion a reality.”

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