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NEWS Last modified on January 27, 2014

Investors bidding for Spanish 'ghost airport'

One of Spain's most high-profile 'ghost airports', Castellón–Costa Azahar, is expected to get a new owner in the next few days.

Officially opened in March 2011 at a cost of €150 million, the east coast Spanish airport has yet to handle a single flight and became a symbol of Spain's struggles in the economic downturn.

According to reports, Generalitat Valenciana, the 99% shareholder behind concession holder, Aerocas, is currently considering two bids to operate the gateway.

Canadian aviation company SNC Lavalin, and a consortium comprising Aerospace consultant Gesnaer, and tourism group Marina d'Or are vying to win the 20-year operating contract, claim the reports.

Various consultants and industry specialists are due to review each proposal and business plan in detail before reporting back to Generalitat, before an announcement of the new operator, and a likely date when flights might commence, is expected.

It is not the only new private airport not operating, as no sale is yet thought to have taken place for Cuidad Real International Airport that was put up for sale in December for €100 million.

Labelled Spain’s ‘ghost airport’ the barely used airport that cost €1.1 billion and is able to handle 10mppa, opened in 2008, but closed in July 2012.

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