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NEWS Last modified on January 30, 2014

New retail and F&B concessionaires sought at Keflavik International Airport

Icelandic airport operator, Isavia, is looking for new retail and F&B operators for Keflavik International Airport.

In March it will seek to pre-qualify interested parties for the operation of speciality retail and food & beverage outlets at Reykjavik's gateway to the world.

Pre-qualification will be held for the operation of speciality retail and food & beverage outlets in the airport terminal’s departures hall.

Isavia claims that Iceland has the advantage of being one of the few countries in Western Europe that is able to sell all goods and services at duty-free prices to all departing passengers.

Current concession contracts will expire at the end of 2014, when Isavia plans to redevelop the airport's departure hall and reassess the mix of services. 

Foreign travellers accounted for 66% of 2.8  million passengers (+15.6%) to pass through Keflavik in 2013, and the figure is expected to grow to around 75% in 2020 according to projections. 

It claims that the changing dynamic will have an effect on the future arrangement of the duty free facilities, selection of operators and product categories. 

Isavia has enlisted the help of commercial consulting specialist, Concession Planning International (CPI), and design consultancy, Portland, to help it make its selection.

The pre-qualificiation process will start in March and it is estimated that the redevelopment of the departure hall will be ready before the summer traffic in 2015. 

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