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NEWS Last modified on January 30, 2014

Hudson CEO to star on CBS show Undercover Boss

Hudson Group president and CEO Joe DiDomizio will star on US television show Undercover Boss tomorrow night.

He will leave the comfort of his office for an undercover mission as part of the popular CBS show, examining the inner workings of the travel retail corporation.

Now in its fifth season, the two-time Emmy award-winning reality series Undercover Boss follows high-level corporate executives as they slip anonymously into the rank and file of their own companies.

In the show, DiDomizio visits various airports, working undercover as a newsstand sales associate, a barista and a specialty store replenishment buyer.

Regarding his experience, he noted: "With over 700 stores in airports and transit terminals throughout North America, we work very hard at being 'The Traveller's Best Friend’.

“I credit and thank our team working the frontlines for earning us this reputation each and every day.

“Going undercover and working with our operations team was an amazing experience for me, and it reinforced my belief that our successes begin in our stores.

“Our employees are clearly the backbone of our business, and it was great to witness how their dedication to customer service is unsurpassed in the travel industry."

Hudson is the largest duty-paid travel retailer in North America and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of international duty-free travel retailer Dufry AG.

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